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Door Operators

JDT Garage Door Service Strives to provide Quiet and Reliable Garage Door openers for you home. All of the Motors carried on the trucks are DC Motors that have a Soft Start, Soft Stop feature to ensure a smooth transition from opening and closing your garage door. All of the Motors have built in Multi-LED lighting for brighter, more reliable lighting so that you're never left in the dark. All of the DC Motors also have the option for Battery Backup in case of power failure. WiFi Smart Home options are available for all of the motors as well to keep you connected. We primarily use the belt drive rail-trolley type motors or the wall mount jackshaft motor. Each one has his advantages and varying features to meet your needs and price point.

JDT Garage Door Service Primarily uses Liftmaster Hoist and Jackshaft motors in commercial applications to reduces overall maintenance while some applications do require a trolley motor. We have options for section and rolling sheet doors to meet the needs of your doors.