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My garage spring broke overnight on Friday. Unable to open the door for the weekend, I looked around, found JDT on Yelp, and put in a call Saturday morning. Jason showed up in the evening exactly in the middle of the one-hour window he gave. He finished the job quickly, teaching me everything he was doing in the process. He found a mistake in the installation that was binding the door a little, and fixed it in about a minute.

The pricing was very reasonable, so I started asking about other improvements. Now my door makes less than half the noise it used to, I know how to maintain it, and I've got a lot of confidence in its integrity. JDT has my 100% recommendation.

Zach F. | Tucson, AZ

I called JDT Garage Door Service to help with our garage door opener that wouldn't close at certain times of the day. I was happy with how quickly they were able to set up an appointment. Our technician Jason was professional and very knowledgeable about what was causing the problem. We had our motherboard replaced last year, but our sensors were 8 years old. They serviced the opener and took care of a few extra issues on the door that I had just learned to live with. When they left, our opener and door sounded like new.

Sidra C. | Phoenix, AZ

Our garage door spring broke on a Saturday. We found JDT on Yelp and called right away.

Jason answered and said he himself would be coming out to fix it about 3 hours later. He showed at our house at the promised time, was here under an hour and my husband says, "he did an outstanding job." He provided a lot of helpful tips to help maintain the door and its working parts, and all at a reasonable price.

Jason also suggested replacing the 34-year-old rollers for the door and the door is half as noisy and way more smooth operating for an original door.

We paid for it with a credit card and it was very simple, very easy. Highly recommend this service.

Ann G. | Scottsdale, AZ

Once again Jason with JDT was able to come to our house the day of to repair our garage. We described the situation over the phone and when he arrived, he checked out the garage door then provided a quote before proceeding with the work. I appreciate knowing what kind of fee we're looking at from the start. He had everything he needed with him so the repair was done within an hour. Thank you for another fast and friendly visit!

Cass A. | Gilbert, AZ

Jason, and JDT Garage Door Service, is the best and most reliable. So consistantly outstanding that I wouldn't call anyone else! Thank you Jason!

Christopher D. | Chandler, AZ

These guys were good. We needed a rental house garage door replaced. They arrived on time, were able to complete the job quickly and it looked great! Definitely would be using them again and or recommending them,

Jennifer L. | Scottsdale, AZ

We just used JDT to fix our garage door that was having intermittent issues going up and down.

Jason came out to take a look and explained everything that needed to be done. He didn't try to oversell anything. He was even able to do the work right away.

The door is now quiet as hell and will use them in the future if needed.

Ruben C. | Scottsdale, AZ

Great Service!!! I called and Jason was at my house and had the job done in only about 1.5 hrs!!! No price gouging, just good, honest, and fast service!!

Matt G. | Tempe, AZ

Installed new rollers on my door, competitor tried to talk me into a new opener but JDT was straight forward, efficient, and saved me a lot of money. Will definitely call them next time I have garage door issues.

Richard F.

Recently had motor replaced, I had received several quotes, not only was his rate fair but he took the time to explain why other motor failed and fixed that as well, good guy, Highly recommend

Racie S. | Scottsdale, AZ

Jason was great. Our door is now very quiet and we couldn't be happier. Prices were very reasonable too! I highly recommend JDT.

Jake L. | Gilbert, AZ

My garage was stuck halfway open, and a mess. We called Jason at around 9:30 p.m.
He sent Mike right over, and he worked until midnight getting it fixed. The door works better than it ever has!
You guys are the best! Thank you!

Terri F | Mesa, AZ

Jason is always friendly and professional! We are local businesses owners, and support other local businesses. Very happy to have JDT Garage Door Service as our garage specialist!

Karen U. | Laguna Beach, CA

JDT provides top quality work. Jason takes his time to provide clients with great service and installation. You are in good hands with Jason and his team!

Monica C | Scottsdale, AZ

Great response time even on a Sunday. No "emergency fee". Great service and did a quality job. Thanks!

Troy W | Chandler, AZ

This company did a great job on fixing my garage door right away. They even came on a Sunday and charged me a very reasonable rate. I'm happy to work with them and will continue to use their services in the future!!

Tyler H | Mesa, AZ

Great service, defiantly recommend it to any business that need their doors serviced. We run a phone repair business "rapid iphone repair" in gilbert and our door had huge gaps and it was a really old type of door and they did a great job in sealing it up and adding doorstops. The door closes nice and smooth without any effort and it's sealed!

Matas N | Mesa, AZ

I called JDT Garage Door Service yesterday based on the consistently positive Yelp reviews I saw online. My garage door has been noisy for years, but recently started sounding more like a chain saw trying to cut metal.

Michael, their rep, came out today and after checking out my system said that he could replace the door rollers and possibly replace the motor. He also offered the option of installing a new door opener system. I jumped at the chance of a new opening system since my door was 20 years old and had already been repaired once 10 years ago.

Michael installed a new LiftMaster garage door opener in less than 45 minutes, including an exterior keypad remote. The new belt driven system is so much quieter. I love it. I am totally satisfied with JDT Garage Door Service, and recommend them highly.

John D. | Sun Lakes, AZ

Last month I lost my overhead garage door spring on a Sunday afternoon. If you've never had this happen, not only is it really loud when it snaps - but it also leaves you trapped and unable to get your cars out of the garage because the door will no longer lift. Having never dealt with this before I asked a relative for a recommendation, but after calling that company and leaving a message I never heard back from them.

If this happens to you, save yourself some stress and money and give the guys at JDT a call. After locating them on Yelp and reading several good reviews, I called and was connected with Jason (the owner), who said he'd be out in about an hour and a half.

Jason was onsite as promised, took a quick look and provided me with a quick rundown of what I was looking at within five minutes. He is very thorough and outlined the "must fix" items from the maintenance work I might want to consider if I was planning to be in my home for a long period of time.

After giving the go-ahead, my door was operational within about 30-40 minutes and everything was functioning normally again. Jason is a rare breed - he is very helpful, knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything. Pricing was very fair - no gouging here. To top it off, there is no emergency "after-hours/weekend" charge with JDT - which some other companies hit you for. He even took the time to perform some quick maintenance on my garage door opener while we were talking, in order to keep everything running smooth.

Sooner or later you will find yourself in this position - these things fail over time. When it happens, give these guys a call and grab a beer. Sit down and relax - they will have your garage door working again in no time.

Alan L. | San Tan Valley, AZ

I got home from work around midnight the other night and my garage door wouldn't open. It just made some awful loud whirring and clicking noises. I rushed inside to unplug the damned thing before it woke any of my neighbors.

I jumped online and found JDT was open 24 hours. I'm sure this is just for emergencies, but that thought didn't even register in my head at the time. I called them and Jason answered without hesitation. I'm 100% certain I woke him from a dead sleep, but he was still very nice and professional. He took all my information down and said he would send someone out at 9AM.

The service tech that came out was a young man named Brad. He was great. He checked out my old system, a 15-20 year old LiftMaster unit, and determined the motherboard and motor were fried. He said he could come back with parts and replace them another day, but the price of a new unit would only be a bit more than the replacement parts. He said he had a new unit with him and could do it right there and then. I agreed to have the new unit installed, also a LiftMaster.

Brad did the job solo, so it took a few hours. Once the new unit was installed, he tested everything and showed me how it all worked. He also did a full inspection of everything, taking some extra time to tune and lube all the moving parts.

Thank you Jason and Brad! JDT Garage Door Service was fantastic and they will be my go-to for any maintenance or service issues with my garage door opener.

Sonny R. | Mesa, AZ

Jason and his team gave me an honest and professional repair/replacement for the garage door. They also dealt with the warranty company for me, making sure I would pay as little as possible for the work! That was such a time saver and I love being able to use my garage again! Thanks ks so much guys!

Shannon P. | Glendale, AZ

Broken spring, UGG! I called and got same-day service. Brandon came out and me he gave me a reasonable quote did the work quickly and efficiently. Very knowledgeable, very kind, and I would definitely recommend this company and Brandon!!!!!

Lori B. | Chandler, AZ

I got home from work Saturday night to find my garage door spring had broke so therefore the door was inoperable. After seeing that JDT Garage Door Service was available on Sundays AND they had very favorable reviews, I gave them a call. Long story short, Jason came out early Sunday, and saved the day. Fast, Friendly, Professional service. JDT will be my "go to" garage door service company from now on.

Scott F. | Gilbert, AZ

I called JDT Garage Door Service to install remotes and service the door. They were very nice on the phone, they were out at the scheduled time. The prices & service were exceptional. I wish all companies had this kind of service.

Christine G. | Phoenix, AZ

This is the only Garage Door Company I will ever call! Jason was so helpful and very professional. He did what he said and when he said he would do it! Not always the case with businesses today! We so appreciated his helpfulness and the quality of his work. We are new to AZ, Jason and his crew put a smile on our faces! Five star business for sure!

Terry M. | San Francisco, CA

On Saturday afternoon my garage door tanked. The cable snapped, the spring unwound and the door wouldn't close or open. It was stuck in the halfway position with one side 1 foot higher than the other. It looked a total mess -- and it looked expensive to fix. I called one company for emergency service. Left a message. No response. I called another. Same thing. I needed same day service and on a Saturday afternoon, no one would answer their phone.

After several calls, I rang JDT instead. Jason answered and said he could be out to my house later in the day. 8 that evening JDT showed and fixed my door within the hour. But here's the thing: JDT didn't overcharge me for crap I didn't need. He could have easily said "Oh, you need new this, and new that" and I probably would have bit. The problem with specialized skill sets is you never really know what you need, and what you don't. Anyway, this SAME DAY service cost me less than $100 with JDT. They don't make honest people like this anymore and let me tell you, JDT is your go to guy if you need a garage repair. Call anyone else and BEWARE, you'll probably end up paying for stuff you don't need.

Michael C. | Fountain Hills, AZ

Received an estimate for replacing door opener from Brandon, wanted to have another quote for the job. The second company was supposed to come out Sat between 1-3. They called Sat morning and quoted me over the phone. I was disappointed that someone was either lazy or thought I was not worth the time. Anyway the quote I received over the phone was about the same as JDT, but with a unknown brand. But the fact that Brandon took time to come in person really impressed me. What happened if the other company after starting the job says "Oh it will be more because we have to do this, and did not know until we started". That is why you quote when looking at the job, anyway Brandon did an amazing job on our garage door same day service and he got it done fast! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Mike W. | Chandler, AZ

Today was the second time that i needed to call JDT to fix a broken garage door spring (in two different houses). Jason called me back and was able to fix it today, which was great since my car was stuck in the garage. He is very nice, knowledgeable, and i get the impression that he really likes what he does. He also does quality work and does a through inspection. I definitely would recommend him again.

Shelby K

They came at the predestinated time, did a great job and didn't try to up sell anything. i will share their name with my neighbors.

Michael Brownlie

Called JDT out to fix our crotchety garage door when it started sticking when trying to close. They were able to get me a Saturday appointment and I was happy they would come out to North Phoenix. (Practically Peoria).

CT came out and gave me a very thorough assessment of the state of our door's repair. He gave us advice on what needed to be addressed now and which issues could wait.

We were able to take advantage of a special coupon and also a Yelp discount. The price for all the work was very fair and the work done was excellent. It was quick and I was very pleased. I would definitely recommend them and use them again in the future.

Carolann W.

Doesn't get much better! We had a broken spring so we called for a quote (it was reasonable and cheaper than the first company we called) and Brandon was here within 3 hours. It's all fixed and he did a 25-point safety checklist in addition to replacing the spring. Highly recommended.

Hayley V.

JDT is our GO TO garage company for our property management team. Ever since the very first time I contacted Jason to add him as a vendor to our database I have had incredibly professional communication, prompt service, fair pricing and an overall fantastic working relationship.

We have utilized JDT for dozens of jobs across the valley and all of our tenants have always reported that the techs are efficient and courteous and on time.

I highly recommend them for any of your garage needs.

Jessica G.

Fantastic service. When our regular guy failed to return my two calls, I called JDT. The young woman who answered the phone was courteous and laughed at my jokes.

Jeff, the tech, was at my house less than 90 minutes later and the job was done in less than an hour. He was polite, knowledgeable and friendly.

Call JDT for your garage door repairs...you won't be sorry

Jose G.

Jason was very professional and paid attention to the little details. His prices are fair and he gives you what you pay for and then some. He rehabbed both my doors and installed 2 jackshaft motors. Now my garage ceiling is wide open and the doors are super quiet going up and down. Also, both safer and more secure. I would recommend JDT. Next time I need service I will call him and no one else.

Treace Z.

JDT Garage Door Service is the best in their field and deserves my highest recommendations.

Jason is punctual, knowledgeable and professional. I am impressed on how quickly he resolved our issue and appreciative that he did not try to up-sell unnecessary services.

Braxl R.

I had a Wayne Dalton torque master that wore out so my door wouldn't open. Called JDT based on the good Yelp reviews and wasn't disappointed. The appointment was easy to schedule and Brandon did a great job explaining things to me as I asked questions. We also had some good off topic conversation which was a bonus. Highly recommend these guys.

Derek O.

Received an estimate for replacing door opener from Brandon, wanted to have another quote for the job. The second company was supposed to come out Sat between 1-3. They called Sat morning and quoted me over the phone. I was disappointed that someone was either lazy or thought I was not worth the time. Anyway the quote I received over the phone was about the same as JDT, but with a unknown brand. But the fact that Brandon took time to come in person really impressed me. What happened if the other company after starting the job says "Oh it will be more because we have to do this, and did not know until we started". That is why you quote when looking at the job, anyway Brandon did an amazing job on our garage door same day service and he got it done fast! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Mike W.

Brandon did an amazing job on our garage door same day service and he got it done fast! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Crystal B.

Called JDT Garage to tuneup our noisy garage door. Jason came out on a Saturday. He was on time, courteous and very thorough. By the time he left, the door was opening smoothly. Highly recommend JDT and Jason.

Eva K.

Service was great and same night too! Came late when we had a car trapped in the garage because of a broken spring. Price was spot on and they were in and out in less than a half hour.

Michael C.

I have used Jason on two separate occasions for two different homes and in both cases I received excellent service and products from him. He is extremely knowledgeable in what he is doing, very punctual in protecting my time which needed to be spent and provided me with affordable options to choose from. I strongly recommend JDT Garage Door Service as I have to several of my friends and family members. Thanks Jason for the professional way you do business.

Rob H.

Thanks Jason.. on-time, courteous, and thorough.

Will definitely be the first guy I call for any other garage door problems I have.

Jeff L.

I am very impressed with JDT's service. My sister needed to get her garage door taken care of so we called Jason at JDT. He took care of it right away and everything worked out great. I would recommend them any friends and family.

Marcy H.

Jason is the only garage door professional I will ever need. JDT Garage Door Service stands for fast, reliable, knowledgeable, affordable service. I have used their services for many years, on many different garage doors, and I always refer my friends, family and clients to JDT Garage Door Service.

Scott D.

Jason came out twice now and both times it was same day! Wow, great service always on time and has great recommendations. I had to have him out because we needed to service our garages since sometimes it would not close and then I had him out a few weeks later since my daughter decided to ram the rail of one of my garage doors (yeah, I was pissed). Anyway, Jason programmed one of my remotes that was giving me trouble and changed the code on my keypad since I hate doing that stuff. He calls when he is on his way and he gave me a time window that he honors every time. He is also valley wide so dont worry if you think he does not service your area....he does.

Eli H.