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Residential Doors

Transform Your Mesa, Chandler, & Gilbert, AZ Property With a Customized Door

Trust your installation needs to JDT Garage Door Service

Residential garage doors typically take up a lot of the visible space on the front of the house. Better Homes did a survey showing that because garage doors tend to be such a focal point of the house, they typically retain up to 70% of their purchase price value in resale. At JDT Garage Door Service we understand how important this is to you and potential buyers as this is your largest moving appliance and is equivalent to a moving wall.

We offer a large selection of doors to match HOA requirements, doors that will seamless blend into your home: traditional, semi-custom, custom, glass, wood and pretty much any style of door that you can dream up.

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Traditional doors are the home builder door of choice and meet most HOA requirements They are going to be your basic Long Panel, Short Panel, or Flush Panel garage door coming in 5-15 colors depending on brand and model, 24 or 25 Gauge Non-Insulated or Steelback Insulated. They can have no windows, plain windows, windows with inserts with regular glass or insulated glass.

Semi-Custom Doors come in more colors and have a few more stamp patterns to choose from. Most of these doors offer decorative hardware as an option to accent the outside appearance of the door. Most of the Semi-Custom Doors will be 2" Steelback Insulated while there are still a few non-insulated options to choose from.

Custom Doors are the showstoppers and they come with the price tag to reflect the look. They are real carriage doors, all handmade and will be at least 2" Steelback Insulated. They can be faux wood overlay, copper overlaid, or rusted steel clad, coming in multiple designs and colors.

Glass Garage Doors or Full View Garage Doors bring a modern or contemporary look to your home offering multiple glass and color options to match or compliment your home. The frames can be Steel or Aluminum, the glass can be clear or privacy, insulated, and tempered for better security.

Most wood doors are wood overlaid on steel and some are solid wood with wood overlay. We have done wood doors before, however; we never recommend them in Arizona, they are very labor intensive and the wood must be treated, and even sanded & refinished every 1-5 years to ensure durability and lasting appearance. They are thicker and very heavy requiring commercial grade parts. In Arizona with our extremes from very low humidity to high humidity during monsoon season the wood can expand and contract sometimes causing the door to stick shut against the jambs and possibly become inoperable for short periods of time.

Custom Color & Wood Grain Garage Door Options

Clopay Ultra-Grain

Clopay's Ultra-GrainĀ® paint finish delivers the best of both worlds: the realistic look of natural wood with the low maintenance and energy efficiency benefits of insulated steel. But unlike real wood, it's UV-resistant and impervious to moisture, so it won't fade, rot, split, shrink or crack, saving you and the environment material, energy and resources necessary to maintain or replace door components. Select models: Medium Finish, Dark Finish, Cherry Finish, Walnut Finish, & Slate Finish.

Amarr Dual-Directional Woodgrain

3 Dual-Directional Woodgrain colors Available: Walnut, Golden Oak, & Mahogany.

The Color Blast program allows you to complement your home's current color scheme by choosing from an array of Sherwin-Williams color options. The two-part polyurethane based paint used in the Color Blast paint system is specially formulated for excellent adhesion and stability on steel, aluminum, vinyl and plastics. This provides a high-quality, durable and professional finish for your garage door. It is available on all sectional steel, overlay, and aluminum residential & commercial door models (wood doors not included). Backed by a five-year warranty using solar reflective paint technology resulting in lower surface temperatures compared with standard paints.

Whether you are looking for the perfect match for your home's shutters, trim or front door; or you want to make a bold statement on a commercial building, Amarr Color Zone gives you the chance with Sherwin-Williams color options. Available on all Amarr residential or commercial steel sectional doors up to 20' wide. In a multi-step process, your chosen color is applied as a topcoat to Amarr pre-painted, galvanized steel sections giving your door one more layer of protection from the elements. Same warranty as Amarr standard door colors. Some dark color and construction combination exceptions apply.