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Specialty Products & Accessories

Pass doors are ideal in applications where space is too limited for the installation of a standard entry door. They conserve energy by allowing building access via a smaller opening versus the entire sectional door, this minimizes wear and tear on the door as well saves electric operator cycles. In inclement weather, the heat or cold distribution between inside and outside of the building is minimized, conserving additional energy costs. Available on the Energy and Industrial series of commercial steel doors.

Break-away bottom sections will release from the track and swing up to a full 90 degree angle inward or 45 degree outward, preventing further damage to the door. Available on the Energy and Industrial series of commercial sectional steel doors.

SuperFlex impact resistant sections are the answer to lower door section damage common in today's busy warehouses.

Amarr damage-resistant, industrial KnockOut doors are designed to flex and withstand damage to the door panels and track when impacted. For busy loading docks, Amarr KnockOut doors are a long-term, lower cost solution than frequently replacing damaged dock doors.

Wind Code Available for most sectional doors to meet city, county, and state requirements as needed. For protection of wind speeds up to 150 miles per hour.


Removable center post mullions that allow wider or larger vehicles to pass through as necessary. Available on all commercial sectional garage doors.

Custom Track Options

Include: Regular Lift, Vertical Lift, Break Away Lift, Follow The Roof Pitch, Low Head Room, Rear Mount Torsion, and other designs as needed.